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Tenant satisfaction = more value for our clients!

December 2, 2019

YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW -- that at Arrowpoint Realty Inc., we keep track of every work order for repairs and maintenance on your property.

And when the work is done, your tenant generally gets an e-mailed survey asking for his or her satisfaction with the promptness and completeness of the work. The tenant rates the work on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being perfect and 1 being totally unhappy.

Probably 90% of the time, we get a 5 (Perfect) rating, along with the occasional 4 (because no one is really perfect all the time!). And we are good with either one of those ratings.

However, every once in a very great while, we get a score of 3 or less. And that is when Melissa or Michael personally call the tenant to get more information and when appropriate, make an appointment to visit the property in person -- and at times we have the technician there with us as well.

If we determine that the tenant is justified in his or her giving us a C grade or less, we do what is necessary to address their dissatisfaction. If we feel they are not justified, we try to as patiently as possible explain why we cannot do anything further.

We do dozens of work orders every month, and we closely monitor how long it takes to respond, as well as when the work is completed and billed,

Thank you for your faith in us -- and we want you to know that you get more for your management fee dollars with Arrowpoint Realty Inc, and we truly appreciate your business.

W. Michael Novotny GRI Melissa Bratcher Designated Broker Associate Broker

Arrowpoint Realty Inc., 2019


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